Food Party

- Barenaked Ladies
Released: 2008 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Food Party"

Food party, food party
Food party, food party
Food party, food party
Food party, food party party tonight yeah!

Hey, great party!
Oh yeah, everybody's here!
Oh yeah, good to see you guys
Yeah, thanks for coming

By the way I'm Sweet
I'm like a chocolaty treat
Sweet, can I get you guys anything?
You can get me a lemon cause I'm Sour

Who are you?
I'm Spicy! I'm hot!
Hey! Bam! I'm exciting!
I am Spicy!

I'm crunchy!
You know, like uh, carrot sticks and cookies and peanuts?
Who invited the textures?
People like me! 'C-cause I'm crunchy!

People like me because I'm smooth
Like silk, like a glass of milk
I'm Smooth, how ya doin'?

Well I'm Bitter, I'm bitter like bitter greens
And radicchio and orange peels
I'm Bitter and I don't even want to be here

I'm bland
I'm bland

Well hey, I'm salty
I can help, I'm salty

Hey guys, how's it goin??
Who's that?
I'm Umami

That was the final movement of Antoine Korbajin's "Food Party"
Featuring Ed Shaganoozy on claves
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Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies

One of Canada's most successful exports since the early '90s, a melodic pop band pairing strong harmonies and clever lyrics.