Fix Me

- Nicola Roberts
Released: 2011 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Fix Me"

[Hook:] (2x)
Fix me, kiss me, break me
Tear me apart
Hold me, love me, mend me
Give me your heart

[Verse 1:]
How many roads did I
Walk down before I knew
I was lost and broken
They all lead straight to you
A pretty Frankenstein
That you taught how to smile
I'm coming undone
You've got, got to make me new

I got my skin, got my bones
But I am baring half a soul
My arms stretched out before you

[Chorus:] (2x)
I am every broken girl
Living in a tainted world
You can put me back together
Won't you take me home
You can fix me up


[Verse 2:]
I try to talk to God
But I'm talking to myself
Through the silent echoes
You can hear my voice
The plasters and the pills
The stitches and the drills
Trade my clock for your heart
I'm not like other toys


[Chorus] (2x)

Fix me up
Oh, break me now
Oh, you know how
Fix me up
I won't go back
I won't go back

[Hook] 2x

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home so you can fix me up

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Maria Roberts (born 5 October 1985) is an English recording artist, fashion designer, and songwriter. After auditioning and successfully completing the reality television series and competition Popstars The Rivals, Roberts became part of girl-group Girls Aloud. Their debut single "Sound of the Underground" topped the UK Singles chart