Fish Outta Water

- Sara K
Released: 2006 Genres: N/A
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Lyric "Fish Outta Water"

Back off, mama. I thank Beo for his horn sections here. I thank Beo for many of HIS musical talents lain upon these songs but, particularly, for his jovial contribution to this song. Can't fool a fooler. Specially one with 'feel'
Outta pocket, too much loose chance can't stop it once it gets in your veins can't stop it once it's under your skin can't stop it once you let it in you're a fish outta water ain't got much time
Said, back off, mama
Ain't got the goods
In your engine, under your hood
Your Mazarati ain't got no stick
Mazarati just drives real quick
And a fish outta water ain't got much time
Get off that roller coaster with that feather in your hat
Lookin over your shoulder like somebody's got your back
You ain't goin nowhere if your train's runnin off the track
Can't fool a fooler, baby, ain't got much time
We all get what we pay for and there ain't nothin wrong with that
Wanna get it right the first time 'case there ain't no comin back
& if you don't get the picture, it's still a matter of fact
Can't fool a fooler, baby...
Back off, mama, your one time sting is a two-timin bird can't sing & you're a fish outta water, fish outta water ain't got much time

Sara K

Sara K

Sara K. (full name Sara Katherine Wooldridge) is an American singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her music includes genres like blues, folk as well as jazz. She has released audiophile albums and played a custom 4-(bass)-string acoustic guitar. She withdrew from the music business in 2009.