Falling Apart

- Brian Wilson
Released: N/A Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Falling Apart"
The tattoos on your face covered up your skin
Scarred from the sin and those sleepless nights
Trying to find a fight you can't win
So you chased him, traded that good life
Only got yourself another good night
Until the morning, darling
When you're right back to

Falling apart, falling apart, you know you're falling apart
Just another little lonely broken heart
How did you get so cold?
(You'll never know)
How did you get so cold?

Life is short and you're no longer young enough
To throw around your body for a little fun
Put another photo, spend my cash
Put another photo, have a blast
Now it's gone and I'm dark, and your heart is still crawling
It heals, since you kneel
And at baggage claim bawling, til the morning darling
And you're right back to


You slip away into the morning sun
When he touches your face and your day's begun
I know you hate yourself for what, what you've done
So you push it away, it's getting harder to run
When you run so fast and you run so long
And it's all your fault cause you were never strong
It's not much of a life though, darling (darling)
It's not much of a life (life)
When you're

[Chorus x2]

You never been nothing, baby
You never been nothing, baby

[Chorus x2]
Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is one of the most influential songwriters in rock 'n' roll history, best known as the frontman for the Beach Boys.

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