Fall In Love Again

- Nick Lachey
Released: 2003 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Fall In Love Again"

I don't know what it is tonight
Your smile
Your eyes

Even in the candle light
You shine
So bright
You are so beautiful
More beautiful
Than you've ever been
I catch my breath
And fall in love again

I can't imagine where I'd be
Without you with me
I need you more everyday
More than words can say

I want you in my life
For all my life
This night will never end
You'll take my hand
And I'll fall in love again

And nothing short of a miracle
Could have brought you here to me
When I'm with you
Heaven's all I see
(All I see)

Caught up in every touch
I feel the rush
Of this moment that we're in
Each time we kiss
I fall in love again

I can't resist
I fall in love again

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey

TV personality and reality star Nick Lachey sings solo as well as with boy band 98 Degrees. He's also famous for his marriages to Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo.