Every Day Is Christmas

- Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves
Released: 2012 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Every Day Is Christmas"

[Verse 1]
January always brought me down
All the magic of December
Is like a circus leaving town
All I want to do is to follow it around
Cause everybody wishes it was Christmas all year 'round
To wake up every morning
With a present in my bed
That's how I've been feeling
Since the moment we first met

And I don't need the snow to fall
And I don't need the light to shine
And I don't need a mistletoe
Cause I'll still kiss you all the time
We don't have to take a sleigh ride
For our hearts to race inside
And I still get just as excited
When we go to sleep at night
Every day is Christmas as long as
Every day you are mine

[Verse 2]
Spring is coming but the air is chilled
It remind me of the winter fires we would always build
Hiding from the cold is always warmer in your arms
Whenever you are kissing me, it is Christmas in my heart


[Verse 3]
Are we dreaming?
Dreaming, dreaming
I believe it
Believe it, believe it
Now January doesn't bring me down
Cause the magic of December is always here
When you're around
No we don't need the snow to fall
We don't need the lights to shine
We don't need a mistletoe
Cause we'll be kissing all the time


Every day is Christmas[x7]
You are mine[x4]

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat

Grammy Award-nominated American pop singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She has collaborated with artists like Jason Mraz, including the duet "Lucky."