Endless Summer

- Danielle Bradbery
Released: N/A Genres: Country
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Lyric "Endless Summer"
I remember you and I that July
We were falling hard underneath the stars
As we danced slow to the radio
First taste of love couldn't get enough
In the pale moonlight just flying blind

I still feel you
Just like I used to
That time of year when days get long

Warm winds blowing
Reckless still in my mind
Takes me right back to that time
When I was your baby and you were mine
We were on fire just like the sun above
Couldn't burn hot enough for each other
Endless summer
Endless summer

I could have stayed in our hometown
Married you and settled down
With a picket fence & would've had a couple kids by now
But I had to get out
Couldn't hide my dreams had to do some other things
Before a diamond ring

I still feel you
Just like I used to
That time of year when days get long

[Repeat Chorus]

Funny how the seasons change
And time slips away

[Repeat Chorus]
Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Simone Bradbery (born July 23, 1996) is an American country singer from Cypress, Texas. She won season four of NBC's The Voice in 2013, becoming the youngest artist to come in first place until Sawyer Fredericks of season eight. Her debut studio album, Danielle Bradbery, was released on November 25, 2013, featuring the single "The Heart of Dixie".