Downfall Of A Dynasty

- Saeculum Obscurum
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Downfall Of A Dynasty"
Saeculum Obscurum

Saeculum Obscurum

The Munich-based Extreme Metal Band Saeculum Obscurum (est. 2007) returns after the release of their debut album Into the Depths of Oblivion (Thunderblast Records/ Twilight Distribution, January 2011) with their second creation Apotheosis. The musical concept, rooted in Avantgarde Black Metal and infused with atmospheric and doom-laden sections, illustrates the thematic idea of apotheosis, which is described in all its atrocity in accordance with the biblical rhetoric and enacted by the band in an acheronian spectacle.

Albums of Saeculum Obscurum (1)