Don't Look In My Window

- Dee Dee Ramone
Released: 1994 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Don't Look In My Window"

I told them once to break the ice
I told them again I told them twice
I told them I couldn't keep being nice
Don't look im my window (x6)

Everybody is scheamin' and backstarin'
Everybody is up to the same old thing
Nobody is giving away anything
Don't look in my window (x6)

I tried to tell them where to go
I'll get everybody back someday
There's just one more thing I wanna say
Don't look im my window (x8)

Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone

Douglas Glenn Colvin (September 18, 1951 – June 5, 2002), known professionally as Dee Dee Ramone, was a German-American musician, singer and songwriter best known as founding member, songwriter, bassist and occasional lead vocalist for punk rock band the Ramones.