- James TW
Released: 2016 Genres: Pop, R&B / Soul
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Lyric "Different"

Got a winning smile but you're loosing faith
Trying to belong leaves you out of place
Two steps forward and you're at the start
Who knew growing up would be this hard, so hard

The colour of your hair changes every week
You know you got a voice but you're scared to speak
Life just seems like a riddle
You're torn down the middle, ooh

You don't have to play a part, just be who you are

I love that you're different, in a cool way
You always stand out, but don't be afraid
Let the whole world see that you're still free
I love that you're different
So please don't change

Who you are is a tough thing to find
All you're looking for today takes a lifetime
You don't need all the answers
The only thing that matters, ooh

Is to let your voice speak from your heart
Just be who you are


Where you go others will follow, follow, follow
Where you go
Where you are is where I wanna be, be, be


James TW

James TW

Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom

James Taylor-Watts (born 27 October 1997), better known as James TW, is a British singer-songwriter. From 2010 on, James posted cover and original songs on his YouTube channel (JamesTW). Shawn Mendes recommended James to his record label in early 2015. In summer 2015, James announced that he had signed a contract with Island Records. On 15 April 2016, James released his debut EP titled First Impressions.