Denouement _ Denouncement

- Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Released: 1998 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Denouement _ Denouncement"

Take my flesh, leave me with my fallacies and lies
Take everything I've ever wanted
How can I become that which I am not?
I no longer believe the words I've convinced you of

...and maybe it's worse to remember than to forget
...and maybe it's better to desire than to achieve
...and maybe it's worse not to taste of forbidden fruit
...and maybe it's better to know than to believe
...and sometimes it's worse to feel alive than to feel dead

I crumble into successive frames
I over-analyze every thought
I stand before the crowd stripped bare, faced by my inconsistency
I await their judgment in comparison to my ideal

How can I ever can I be everything that I hope to be

Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Black Tape for a Blue Girl is an American dark wave band formed in 1986 by Projekt Records' founder Sam Rosenthal. Their music takes on elements of dark wave, ethereal, ambient, neoclassical, and dark cabaret music.