Deeper Than Beauty

- Sloan
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Deeper Than Beauty"
I suppose I've seen you three times now
and i guess that i'm wondering how
you keep the boys at bay
i have a feeling that they are wondering too

I've seen you with your hair down atleast 5 times
i've always wondered what make man commit crimes
but even i would sometimes
if it weren't for the likes of you

And your glasses your hideous glasses
when you remove them i'd rather skip my classes and be caught
then to entertain the thought
that someday you'll just put them on again

but i can make the best of it until then....

Still i know you go deeper than your beauty
you go well above and beyond
the call of duty to your country and your school
but i grew up too cool

like the rest of us with our thumbs up our asses
if you call i will come
but i'm about as quick as molasses
when i dream of you you're not wearing your glasses



Sloan is a Toronto-based rock/power pop quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout their nearly twenty-five-year career, Sloan has released 11 LPs, two EPs, a live album, a Greatest hits album and more than thirty singles. The band has received nine Juno Award nominations, winning one. The band is known for their sharing of songwriting from each member of the group and their unaltered line-up throughout their career. Their albums' success has made Sloan one of the most popular Canadian bands of all time.