Darkness (Dream On)

- CunninLynguists
Released: 2011 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Darkness (Dream On)"


Searching' for answers is like searching' for Atlantis
I'm working poor and I'm just hurting for some chances
this school of a livings like prison on a campus
show me the Monet, and the pixels in that canvas
advance through my imagery, I view my evil deeds
when I went to Jack in Tennessee to erase memor y
when I called on Mary J be my serenity
so I don't see that all my enemies resembled me
I'm feeling faceless heading' for a bitter state
I'm trying to place but my heart ain't even in the race
I've came far enough that turning' back is time wasted
imprisoned by fear, I don't need no iron bracelets
what's my fate, how can I escape my heart
running blind, an open mind could break the stark
a major spark might just make a star in this....

[V2 - NATTI]

Way under in slumber is my true self shown?
a glass house cracked from a few stones thrown
pain/pane in the windows of a once happy home
I'm a Chesire Cat laughin' at the caged birds' song
a caterpillar shroomin usin' fumes from my bong
to cloud a land wondering what fuels what is wrong
lust in my loins, vengeance in my heart
thrust from my groin that could populate an Ark
thoughts in my mind only popular in dark
i can't let come to light so i might suffocate the spark
that might just spark the fuse that blows my views of self apart
opinions of my heath my self and wealth go off the chart
my struggle to keep balance ain't a challenge it's an art
outside my sleep is silent ‘cause inside the war is fought
every night, as I fade to the...

[OUTRO - Anna Wise]

don't give me that bullshit
don't give me that bullshit
don't let it take over you
don't let it take over you
don't give me that bullshit
don't give me that bullshit
don't let it take over you
don't let it take over you



CunninLynguists are an American hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti. The group has released an extensive discography, including multiple mixtapes and studio albums, all which have been subject to widespread critical acclaim, for their layered production, and deep lyricism.