Commas (Remix)

- LEP Bogus Boys, Young Jeezy
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Commas (Remix)"
LEP Bogus Boys

LEP Bogus Boys

L.E.P Bogus Boys is a rap group from Chicago, Illinois currently consisting of 2 members, G. Count and Moonie. The group is actually is a merger between two groups, The LEP and The Bogus Boys. The LEP in their name stands for Low End Professional; Low End is an area in Chicago. The Bogus Boys in their name used to be a gang affiliated with Gangster Disciples’ founder Larry Hoover, since some of them were from the same neighborhood as the gang, they decided to adopt the name. The group was formed in 1998, though their fame is not in…

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