Comic Books

- Le$, L.e.$
Released: 2014 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Comic Books"

Wrap the wax around the joint
Then I sprinkle it with keef
All you engines take heat
To the motherfuckin chief
We in em streets beamer slam
Like Nick Folley falling through the cage
See me gettin highest in the stage
I swear my life is like a real life
Comic book, homie, lemme take you to the next page

[Verse 1:]
I'm in a maze, gettin lost in the city
I currently rome an prolly smoking, pushing something I can't currently own
You ain't really bout that shit you be verbally on
And you confront like you ain't know
But you heard of me, holmes
Look, thrill ass niggas that kill tracks wit bun
Marijuana reign hash begun, this time act-tzion
Main bitch Spanish, got a Asian on the side
Know how to work a stick, sometimes I let her drive
Gold wheels wit the green, don't mean that I'm lucky
Been eating real good, you can see that I'm chubby
Time to move to Miami, cause I heard we don't die
If I do leave, then I'm goin high
On another cloud, I ain't talkin bout 9 to 10
I'm talkin full time, neva clockin in
Because I'm standing on my job, belly, you I cut alive
Put it down for my motherfucking squad, jets, nigga


[Verse 2:]
Caesar, 72nd issue, that paper be the shit I'm into
Get the tissue, roll up to the venue
Forging all them insues, cut em down
Them bitches tryna fuck on now
Why wait around? When the EP cross the hood of my vintage Corvette
What you expect? I write from experience, I won't tell you about it
Until I did the shit. This must be yo first day around the grace
You lookin all outta place. Don't say nutten stupid, home boy
Save face! We eatin ova here, say Grace
Before we partake in saute vegetables an steak
Off a golden engraved plates
Jet life, recline behind Martin Crime Gates
25 grand on drinks, my neighbors admire my taste
We whilin at the Babylon Club, $500 for a bunch of fuckin grapes


[Verse 3:]
I’m still amazed by the fact these fools don’t know who I be
Chico, no design like me
An from my eyes I see visions of champagne an new foreigns
Bed nights niggas just snoring
I slap the shit out of [?]
An kicked her outta the whip just fo bein a diva
You gotta eat the cake if you wanna really ride with a star
If not get yo weak ass outta the car
I’m switch gears like i switch clothes
I got boys so i switch [?]
Rap nights, got the sick flos
See in the paper niggas got up out this game
We goin get more, an put some switches on the 6 4
An put some bags on the M5 V28 BBS style 5S on that bitch when i skate
Go bolts on the spokes wood wheel with the gloves
Cruise life, bitch you wanna join the club