Close To You

- Thalia
Released: 2002 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Close To You"

The hand of time, start to unwind
Thinking how things could be
I know there's a maybe that you will be mine
And I won't rest until you're mine
So come take the best of me and know that I will always be

Closer to you, closer to me
Where do I turn, how do I learn
To be closer to you, closer to me
Wrapped in your arms, closer to you
Is where I wanna be

You seem so far, my distant star
How can I get to where you are?
Through the dark you're my light
With your wings I can fly
When I close my eyes it's you on my mind
So come take what's left of me and know that I will always be

So glad you're here to stay
Baby please don't walk away
After all this time, my love remained the same
And I'll do it all again, just to have you in the end
And know that I'll always be

Closer to you, closer to me
Closer to you, is where I wanna be
Closer to you

Closer to you, closer to you
Let me see your eyes babe
Closer to you
Is where I wanna be



Ariadna Thalía Sodi-Miranda Mottola (Spanish pronunciation: [aɾiˈaðna taˈli.a ˈsoði miˈɾanda]; born 26 August 1971), known mononymously as Thalía, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, published author, actress, and entrepreneur. She has sung in various languages apart from her native Spanish, including English, Filipino, French and Portuguese. She is recognized as the most successful and influential female Mexican singer worldwide