Christmas In The Sand

- Colbie Caillat
Released: 2012 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Christmas In The Sand"

[Verse 1]
I love Christmas in the snow
But Christmas in the sand oh man
I tell you that's where it's at
Hawaiian tropic on my skin
Candy cane of peppermint, a hint
Of cocoa on my lips

It could've been the sun, it could've been the sea
It could've been my childhood fantasy
But I saw Santa in his bathing suit
Trying to catch a wave, but he tried too soon
He laughed so hard that he could barely breathe
And washed up next to me
He said you look naughty, but I'm sure you're nice
He was soaking wet but he cracked a smile
With a present in his hand
He said it's Christmas in the sand

[Verse 2]
I must have had too much to drink
Cause Rudolph's nose was shining green
I think
He was playing reindeer games on me
Santa only called him once
But you should have seen him run, so fast
They were gone in a dash


Christmas in the sand, whoa oh oh[x4]
Don't need your winter coat
Don't need you winter hat
Just grab the one you love
And say you're never coming back

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat

Grammy Award-nominated American pop singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She has collaborated with artists like Jason Mraz, including the duet "Lucky."