Changes Comin' On

- Alabama
Released: 1982 Genres: Country
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Lyric "Changes Comin' On"

[Verse 1]
Long hair was not in style the first time I heard Haggard on the radio
But I could feel the changes coming on
The Beatles crossed the ocean, an overnight explosion on the TV
My brother had to go to Vietnam
Ford unveiled the mustang
Things looked good in Detroit for the people there
And I could feel the changes coming on
From Atlanta Doctor King told the world he had a dream
People followed him, daddy said my hair was getting long

I could feel changes coming on
People started singing different songs
Searching for the place where they belong
I could feel changes coming on

[Verse 2]
Well, I'm still hooked on Haggard
But the Beatles can't come back like we hoped they would
In Memphis, Tennessee, king is gone
As I put my kids to bed, oh, I wonder what lies ahead for them to see
Because I can feel the change coming on


I can feel changes coming on[x4]