- Yao Si Ting
Released: N/A Genres: Pop, Audiophile
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Lyric "Burning"
Passion is sweet
Love makes weak
You said you cherised freedom so
You refused to let it go

Follow your faith
Love and hate
never failed to seize the day
Don't give yourself away

Oh when the night falls
And your all alone
In your deepest sleep
What are you dreaming of
My skin's still burning from your touch
Oh I just can't get enough
I said I wouldn't ask for much
But your eyes are dangerous
So the tought keeps spinning in my head
Can we drop this masquerade
I can't predict where it ends
If you're the rock I'll crush against

Trapped in a crowd
Music's loud
I said I loved my freedom too
Now im not so sure i do

All eyes on you
Wings so true
Better quit while your ahead
Now im not so sure i am


My soul, my heart
If your near or if your far
My life, my love
You can have it all


If you're the rock i'll crush against

Yao Si Ting

Yao Si Ting

Yao Si Ting ( born June 19, 1983) is a Chinese singer from Guangzhou, China. She sings in both Chinese and English.