Bump N Grind

- Waze & Odyssey
Released: 2014 Genres: Electronic / Dance
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Lyric "Bump N Grind"
Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey are producers & DJs consisting of Serge Santiago and Firas Waez. Coming together in Autumn of 2011, the duo came to prominence after releasing on labels such as Wolf Music, Lets Play House, Tsuba and Throne of Blood. Waze & Odyssey have also crafted a reputation for their music taste, heading up their own record label W&O Street Tracks that has seen releases from the likes of Kill Frenzy, Lancelot, XXXY, Eliphino, Citizenn & Ejeca. The label has received plaudits from the likes of XL Recordings & Feel My Bicep Blog

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