- Iggy Azalea
Released: N/A Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Bounce"
Make-make-make-make bounce
Make-make-make-make you-you-you-you bounce
Make-make-make-make you bounce-bounce-bounce...

I-I-I-I don't wanna hurt you but I'm about to work you
Watch your mouth drop real low
I'm turning new world, I'm burning the clutch
Full speed, both feet to the flow, feet to the flow
DJ running it back once more, time to party that's all I know
Grab somebody tell 'em, "Baby, baby, baby let's go!"

Bounce, make it, make it bounce [x3]
Shake it, break it, make it bounce
Bounce, make-make-make-make-make it bounce [x3]
Shake it, break it, make it bounce
Make you bounce

Yeah-Yeah-Yeah gettin' 'em tipsy
Tippin' in brah, to hundreds and fifties
Pullin' up, NASCAR, black car
Shittin' on everyone, sippin' whatever we feelin'
Real real good, hands to the ceiling
Dancin' we dizzy, we spinnin' we spinnin'
All about money, the night's never ending
We party till morning, tomorrow we

Bounce Make-make-make-make you make you Bounce [x2]
Shake it, break it, make it bounce
Bounce make-make-make-make-make-make bounce
Make-make-make you-you bounce...
Shake it, break it, make it bounce!

Make you bounce!

Let ya hair down and shake that ☺, shake that ☺, shake that ☺
Sweat it out, go nuts in this ☺
Dip it, spin it, and watchin' my hips
I see you watchin' my hips
Crazy, move your body like Swayze
Round and round, shake it, break it, make it bounce
It's a ☺ celebration, go-go-go
Girl shake 'em down like you made it, get low-low-low
Then show the good like you're wasted, pow-pow-pow
And spray the crowd with amazement, for (then) show-show-show

Go nuts, hands up, get crazy (who know?) [x4]
Make-make-make-make you bounce [x3]
Go nuts, hands up, get craz!!



Shake it, break it, make it bounce!



Shake it, break it, make it bounce!

[The End]
Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea (born Amethyst Amelia Kelly; 7 June 1990) is an Australian rapper, actress, songwriter, model and director. Born in Sydney and raised in Mullumbimby, Azalea moved to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue a career in hip hop music, residing in the southern part of the country. She earned public recognition after releasing YouTube music videos for her songs "Pu$$y" and "Two Times". She signed a record contract with T.I.'s imprint Grand Hustle Records in 2012, after gaining attention from her debut mixtape Ignorant Art.