Bestow My Desire

- Novembers Doom
Released: 2001 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Bestow My Desire"

My hands are bound, by the sound of a bell. A chime I cherish and
Respect. A divine song, played upon my chest and echoing through
My soul. Not a voice, nor any angel can bring me to my knees
Faster, then the softness of it's touch. Drowning my strength, as
It turns into my tears. Weakness prevails as I'm swallowed deep
Into trance. Whispering tones, emerge from my bliss. They surround
My heart in gold. To only touch the physical side would lock me in
For eternity

Novembers Doom

Novembers Doom

Novembers Doom is a death/doom metal band from Chicago. They are currently signed to The End Records. Along with Evoken and Rigor Sardonicous, Novembers Doom is one of the earliest U.S. death/doom metal bands that are still active today.