- Naked
Released: 2016 Genres: Electronic / Dance, Rock
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Lyric "Anomie"

Constant state of isolation.
I've concealed my emotion
Into deep web. I'm not alive.
Tell me what made me empty.
Save me, re-invent me.
Come prevent me from becoming numb.

Our senses decaying.
As humans we deflate.
We take it as it is. So numb, we become, we become.

As we grow, we're too connected.
As we grow, we feel dissected.
As we grow, we're more vacuum packed.
Find me, crop me, squeeze me in.
Seal me, sell me, like a sin.
Wipe me, make me feel like my heart is numb.

Glass screen cannot transmit what we need.
Glass screen cannot heal us when we bleed.

Our senses decaying.
As humans we deflate.




The Naked was a Danish indie-rock band that existed from the end of the 1980s and disbanded in 1999. The band started out under the name Naked Lunch, later shortening the name to Naked, and finally to The Naked. The band was formed by Kasper Andersen (vocal, guitar) and Jacob Als Thomsen (guitar), who met in high school in the mid-eighties. Andersen started out as drummer, but switched to guitar after Thomsen left temporarily to study abroad. At this time guitarist Anders Reuss and bass player Søren Rohde had joined. The band rehearsed with a drum machine until Emil Landgreen…

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