Released: 2012 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Alone"

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Somebody should have told me
Life can treat you really coldly
A lot of love that people show me
But when they go I’m hella lonely

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
When the music and the show stops
Security keep my bus door locked
That way I’m not receiving no shots
MJ, our little bro dropped and that’s why they keep me so blocked
I’m in the star coach now
In the back by myself, I listen to our dope sounds
But...There was no women to round up
This hound just sleeps deeply, anticipatin' the next town’s luck
It’s glitz and glamour when you’re on stage
Happy ‘cause you and your homies paid
But a lot of my love ones up and gone away
Because I put my music first, for that it's lonely days

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
Oh, ain’t no phones ringing
Ain’t no one's speaking when you’re alone
Feels like there's no reason
For me to keep breathing if I’m gonna be alone
I can’t sleep alone and I can’t go eat alone
Yeah, the crowd gonna shout
But when the lights go out
You know, you know, you know
You know, you know, you know
You know, you know, you know
You know, you know
You know me being me
You wouldn’t think I’d be alone

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Got off my tour July 7 my children
Kicked it with me up to the 24th, then they go home
Even though my home used to be their home
But due to separation and altercations with their mama’s it left me so alone
And when my girl visits, she got to leave
‘Cause she’s independent and has a need to make her own cheese
At night before sleeping I’m on knees
Alone, please, I don’t wanna have the lonelies on beat
My two family members that room with me
They zoom quickly to work and dip out of town, you would assume it'd be
Party, party every night a narly nudy show
But it’s hardly party when you’re starting in the studio
I can’t wait for the meet and greets, making fans
That’s why I be hella happy, hugging and shaking hands
When I perform I want everybody to know
I stretch the show ‘cause when it’s over everybody go


[Bridge: Eric Boone]
A storm cloud stalks me making what should be a sunny day
Shed tears of lonesome despair in the form of rain
I've devoted my life to rid you of your pain
For feelings of acceptance which reveal themselves feigned
Do not mind that, scream the voices in my brain
But if I stop giving, only I remain
Though I know not of misery
For I lack the company it needs to be entertained
But misery would be a nice change
This solitude drives me insane

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Yeah, I think it’s my fault, y’all, ‘cause I’m reclusive
And I’m thinking I lost brauds like Y! Exclusive
And I know that I might fall, ‘cause life is stupid
‘Cause cupid shoots it and I fight off but it might produce its
Love, whatever has it I run
People, pets and even movies that have it, I shun
Thinking back when I had a family, was glad I was some
I picture myself in the future, old mad, sad ‘cause I’m one


Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

Aaron Dontez Yates (born November 8, 1971), known as Tech N9ne, is an American rapper, actor and entrepreneur. In 1999, Yates and business partner Travis O'Guin founded the record label Strange Music. He has sold over two million albums and has had his music featured in film, television, and video games. In 2009, he won the Left Field Woodie award at the mtvU Woodie Awards