A Void of Lifeless Dreams

- Limbonic Art
Released: 2007 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "A Void of Lifeless Dreams"

I close my eyes and transcend
Beyond the light to a dark world without end
The spirit escapes the temple of flesh
As seductive winds of madness
Absorbing me in to the cryogenic system

A void of lifeless dreams

Enter a galactic domain
Frozen in time and space
A new infinity of serenity
Interstellar voyage
The spirit escapes the temple of flesh
Into the sphere of mystified gloom
A cosmic funeral of memories

A void of lifeless dreams

Sarcophagus panorama

A mania to explore the enigma
Isolated celestial corpse
Astral embryonic life form
Invocation of the dormant realms

A void of lifeless dreams

Limbonic Art

Limbonic Art

Limbonic Art is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Sandefjord. Limbonic Art was formed in 1993 by Daemon, and was originally a full band featuring 3 other members. Daemon got in touch with Morfeus after the demise of the first line-up. The first recording, a rehearsal demo, was released independently in 1995. The debut album Moon in the Scorpio was released in 1996. The follow-up, 1997's In Abhorrence Dementia, was supported by a tour opening for Emperor, and a year later Limbonic Art issued its third LP, Epitome of Illusions. In 2003, the band decided to split up with…