- Nelly
Released: 2002 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "5000"

Nelly - 5000

Huh uh better hurry up cos in the year 5000 I'm gonna be old so let all ya chicks
Over ya 2 see wat I got but we can be so fine no matter u Do to me rememeber in the yr 5000 you'll be with me


5000 5000 5000 5000 is the year when u come up 2 me and see wat I got
So 5000 5000 5000 5000 better come better come ok and c wat I got so come and c

Huh uh u think that I might bak down but u dont think that I might have doubts
But I don't yes I will year 5000

[Repeat Chorus]

Uh huh cos when u look at me tell me what u see this is wat u
Get is the way I'm when I look at u
I wanna be somel close to heaven
With the man so come with me
In the year 5000




Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. (born November 2, 1974), known professionally as Nelly, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor from St. Louis, Missouri. Nelly embarked on his music career with Midwest hip hop group St. Lunatics, in 1993 and signed to Universal Records in 1999. Under Universal, Nelly began his solo career in the year 2000, with his debut album Country Grammar, of which the title-track was a top ten hit.