4 In The Box

- Random Axe
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "4 In The Box"
[Verse 1: Guilty Simpson]
I'm terrific, fantastic
Past sick, dudes get their asses kicked
Past kicked, they might get blasted
Casket, my case, basket
Bad shit for acting like as if
Your boy ain't let mags spit, not true
The next hot crew is here to drop new
Like parolees when POs tell them to stop through
Fuck what you got, nice Glock
You acting like the people made yours in shop
My homie up the block had four in the box
He told me now he got three
A brand new forty that I call Ol' E
You speak the language, I keep the stainless
In case these snakes want to breach arrangements
With Random Axe it's not beef it's Angus

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